Gallery 5: 1975

cherry blossoms against a blue skyRhododendron budPine ConeHollyHolly BerriesHunter Frank Cross and his Beaglesthree hunterstwo hunters with rabbits1970's family Sam, Jennifer, Phyllis TurnerTwo women dressed for churcha grandmother's facepink azaleared azalea with bumblebeecherry blossomsclose up of a pansy flowersuburban yard seen through a split rail fence

By the time the April flowers bloomed in 1975, the subjects of Bill’s pictures were falling into a comfortable but predictable cadence. He was no longer traveling for the USDA, was just two years away from retiring, and his images focused on the seasonal pursuits of hunting, fishing, gardening, and family gatherings.

For that reason, the dedicated gallery pages end here, and I’ll curate the best of the later images into gallery posts that you will be able to access on the Archive’s home page.

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