More images are available to download at Art Field

American West, c 1962, Unretouched Kodachrome slide photo by William C. Hinson

When I’m not shepherding images into the digital archive you see here, I am a front end web designer who works especially well with individuals or organizations that specialize in photography, design, or other visual media. Originally, I began my studies in web design to further my interest in creating visual archives and making them available to the public. I designed a subdomain of to showcase the abundance of original photography available to my friends and clients. I called it Art Field for reasons that I hoped would resonate with anyone who embraced web development as a journey. The site is styled as a blog, representing the work of three generations of photographers in my family.

An online store opened at Art Field in the summer of 2018. The images that I make available there were chosen more for their artistic merit than their historical significance, even though many of them do capture scenes of a past that is all but gone except in photos like these. At Art Field, I keep the edge of the slide mounting visible on most files because it helps to keep the image in its context, the way you would see them projected on a screen or a wall in your childhood living room.

If you love the images at Art Field as much as I do, I think you will be transported…preferably to somewhere warm and cozy.

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  1. The inventory of the Archive store has surpassed that of the Art Field store, but Art Field is still a vital part of the overall mission!

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