January 1977
Ruby in 3 photos from the 1940’s
April 1977
"18 2-19-79 Ruby Hinson Phyllis Turner"
February 1979
"6 4-15-79"
Easter 1979
ladies sunbathing
Florida, 1960’s
"5 Blue Ridge Pkwy Allegheny Co. Bill and Ruby Hinson 10-20-81"
Blue Ridge Parkway, 1980’s
Key West, 1960’s
Alexandria, 1960’s
La Jolla, California
La Jolla
La Jolla
Raleigh, 1970’s
La Jolla
La Jolla
Young Ruby
Arlington, Virginia, 1960’s
La Jolla
Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway, 1960’s
Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway, 1960’s
La Jolla
Raleigh, January 1977
three women at a christmas tree
December 1976
4-11-71 Easter, Angier, NC
Easter 1971
portrait of Ruby 1950
Portrait of Ruby Massenburg, c.1950, probably Raleigh
1939 high school class
Ruby and Ben, High School
mom and little girl with doll
Alexandria, 1960’s
family on the dunes
Cape Hatteras, 1960’s
December 24, 1964 – Norfolk, Virginia
Ruby and Jane, 1960
Germany, 1980
Little Ruby, love you, rest in peace