old photo album page

A Page Saved from a Moldy Album

Above: Old photo album page once left for dead

This album page is one that I rescued from a moldy cover and binding and gave a new home. It didn’t look salvageable at the time. Mom and I were so proud because we had finally committed to throwing something out. Then I couldn’t do it. I tore out the pages and brought them home.

I like to think that Dad uncharacteristically fell asleep on the couch because I was such an exciting and playful tot at the time of this picture (I was 6 months old in Oct 1960) but I think he was really konked out from a day working in the yard. He was always so proud of his yard.

bill and a wheel barrow
In our driveway on So. Overlook Drive, Alexandria, Virginia
bill asleep on the couch
bill and jane as a baby
old photo album page

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